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Recent Review

posted 3rd August 2014 : Primary Times reader review by Claire Jordan


posted 16th January 2010 :- Blog by Jacquetta Megarry - publisher, author, photographer, adventurous grandmother

Press Comment

Mr Boom has been visiting Planet earth since 1984 and over the past 24 years has attracted the attention of various newspapers. Here’s a selection of some press quotes:-

His bio describes him as “truly unique”, and once you have seen Mr Boom there will be no denying that statement. Truly unique children’s entertainment, direct from Scotland – or the moon, as Mr Boom tells us once his spaceship lands on Earth. What ensues is at times educational, always entertaining and truly a delight for youngsters. Meshing song, dance and a high level of audience participation, Mr Boom’s experience shines through.

…… Lauren McMenemy, The Advertiser. (Adelaide, South Australia)

“Mr Boom is extraordinary, a childlike being from another planet who sheds a bizarre magic on the children who love him so much”…. The Scotsman

“He’s doing something special, because the children love him. Hundred’s of them recognise in his gentle playful simplicity, something of themselves” …. The Scotsman

“the best sort of children’s theatre” …. The Scotsman

“The kids are having too much fun to realise that they’re being educated” ….. The Herald

“His songs echo with an uncanny accuracy, the child’s world with all it’s hopes, fears and visions” … the Herald

Review of a concert at the Orkney Science Festival 2007:

Science has not yet found the answer to why a man in a baggy green moon suit, with a lampshade and cymbal on his head, and a couple of drums can entertain children so successfully.
Could it be his plaintiff voice and moon like face? Could it be his simple and appealing songs that relate to his young audience? How does he manage to make adults smile that have been driven mad all year by children's obsessive playing of "I'm Mr Boom and I come from the moon"?
Perhaps it is his quiet, witty and understanding asides to parents like "I'd ask them to clap their hands till they were sore, but that's not politically correct", that nagged us to attending. I don't know.
But, yet again, Mr Boom entertained, involved and captivated the mass of kids from tots to tens with his almost subdues but strangely charismatic performance. There was too, the educational side cleverly woven into some of his songs about time and the planets. Best of all is the way that the children are willingly involved in songs by being trains and planes buzzing through the chaos of parent made tunnels and other fun action songs.
We danced around the "Pixie Tree" , went to the airport to see the flying sock, pretended we were ancient creatures, with ease, and listened in silence to his Lennon and McCartney like composition "What a Lovely Day I've Had."
The great man himself, divorced of his outfit and taking on the guise of creator Andy Munro, told 'Orkney Today': "It's always great to come here and meet all my old friends. I know Howie Firth through the Edinburgh Science Festival and he enticed me up to the first Orkney Science Festival and I've performed here each year since.
"This is, however, the first time I am taking three days off to see part of the Festival itself. I aim to go to a few lectures and get enlightened."
For a performer who receives no public funding, Mr Boom - invented back in 1984 - is quite unique, and showing his rank as a children's entertainer has in the past performed in - among other places - Vancouver, Tokyo and Adelaide.
"It all started 20 years ago when I was asked to host a children's hour performance. I used to be a drummer so the character developed from there".
All I can say, is much as you drive me mad Mr Boom, my children love you and judging from Saturday's performance, all the other children do too. No science festival would be complete without you.
See you next year. The kids can't wait. So if you hear the adults of Orkney wandering around with glazed eyes, humming Mr Boom anthems, you will know that their peedie mites are Mr Boomites, armed with well worn Mr Boom tapes.

Oxford University Press use Moon Man’s poem

       A poem written by Mr Boom , the children’s one man band from the moon, has been used by Oxford University         Press as part of their Routes to Writing programme at Reception level. The poem, entitled Rat-a-ta-Tat! already

appears in the Singalong with Mr Boom songbook, used in many Scottish Primary and Nursery Schools. The Primary Development Editor at Oxford U.P. discovered the songbook and decided to use Rat-a-ta-Tat! as part of the text for an early years group reading book entitled Modern Rhymes, which goes on sale in May 2004.

     Mr Boom will be no stranger to teachers who watched the Over the Moon series produced by BBC Scotland Education, broadcast in the 1990’s. He continues to work in schools throughout the UK and his hour long show, Sing and Dance in Time and Space, is undoubtedly memorable to children and teachers alike.

Mr Boom got a mention in The Herald's Political Diary on 29th March 2001. Tom Shields and/or Ken Smith wrote:
"Boom Boom!
The poster wars have started, even if the general election date is yet to be announced. Labour has produced a movie billboard spoof of Economic Disaster II, starring Michael Portillo as Mr Boom and William Hague as Mr Bust.
This is all very amusing, but possibly damaging to the career of the real Mr Boom, who is a kenspeckle and much loved Scots children's entertainer. Mr Boom, aka Andy Munro who used to be drummer with the Electric Ceilidh Band until he took to treading the boards entertaining weans, is obviously a class act.
A recent review stated: "Whether it's going to the moon, telling stories, or just doing that one-man-band thing with his mouth organ, Mr Boom is a consummate pro and all his productions reek of quality". So no signs of Conservative traits there.
But there may be a connection between our Mr Boom and Mr Portillo. Another reviewer of the Boom experience said: "Mr Boom's brand of manic nonsense has always suggested that he is from another planet."


Theatre and Events Director’s have had this to say about Mr Boom

“Andy Munro, performing as “Mr Boom – the children’s one man band” did so most successfully to some 20,000 school children ages 3 to 12 years at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall for some 20 performances during December 1993.

Mr Munro is an excellent children’s entertainer with a very distinctive style which endears himself, particularly to young children, since at all times he uses his performing skills to enhance their educational provision.”

…….Cameron McNicol, (former) Director, The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Teacher’s Comment

To perform in schools in New South Wales Mr Boom's show had to be appraised and approved for its educational context, and happily Mr Boom received authorisation to perform. This is what NSW Education Authority had to say about him:-

" Mr Boom has 70 BBC2 programs, 4 cassettes and a video behind him. His One Man Band act is imaginative, highly entertaining, educational and great fun. Children sing along, dance, impersonate animals, form planes and trains, and engage in question and answer sessions. Mr Boom's performance values are excellent, his manner gentle, playful and engaging, and his communicating skills first rate. Highly recommended, especially K-3, but he will appeal across the Primary School to Year 6."

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Public Comment


Granny comment:


Recent Parent Comment:

Mandy Oliver from London while recently re-ordering cd's for younger relations said:-

"Jake is now16yrs (doing GCSE's UGH! I'm not a fan of our exam system) and Todd 13yrs (guitar player and wanting to leave school! also teaches me guitar) both remember you so well, particularly Jake whose birthday you came for - that is one of those magical child experiences he will have for ever (and me too). I can't tell you what hours of pleasure (and peace for me on long car journeys) that your tapes gave us for many years. You are so unique and your songs are so wonderful there is just nothing else around like it."

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Visual Comment

Every picture tells a story. Send photos of Mr Boom gatherings of wee earthlings to- every picture tells a story


Birthday Party fun for PJ and her wee Earthling friends at The Silver Tree Studio, Peebles. September 2014 >>


  Photo: Julie Witford

Mrs Boom


<< Mr Boom meets Mrs Boom (young Kelly Milven)
at the Wigton Festival in 2002.








Tweety Birds flying around Mr Boom at Midmar/ photo:- Dave Northcroft

           Everyone joins in the Solar System Dance, even in Wick Assembly Rooms! / photo:- Flora Munro


         To see photos of a school concert - Fly to Skye!